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Error Opening Db File Sybase Iq

Try connecting again with the correct database file name. followed by the message: Invalid user ID or password. Please restart server without failover switch, run BEGIN TRANSACTION, do a clean shutdown, then restart failover Fatal internal error: looking for segment containing block '%2', but none was found. %1 Fatal File: %2 %1 File is too large. navigate to this website

Object does not have an IJoinIndex handle. %1 An error occurred while calling a method on db_sql_*_identifier. Input suspended ------------------------------------------------------------------ . This behavior is an exception only for IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN and does not apply to any other dbspace. Start the coordinator in single node mode using the -iqmpx_sn 1 switch.

This node must be synchronized and restarted. Command failed for %2. %1 ALTER on the column would interfere with the natural join to table %2 in join %3. %1 ALTER TABLE MODIFY is not supported. %1 The column name must follow the format [OWNER.]TABLE.COLUMN. %1 Column pairs %2=%3 could not be matched. %1 Column subset for table '%1' in publication '%2' does not match that specified in

The datatype does not support an index of %3. %1 Index %2 does not exist. %1 Index %2: Starting Insert Pass 2. %1 Index '%1' cannot be clustered Index '%1' cannot The backup query has failed. %1 An I/O write error has occurred on '%2'. Restart the coordinator normally and synchronize all secondary nodes, as in the following procedure. How does it work?

Similarly, for other dbspace operations there is no disruption and all nodes in the multiplex continue to run. For example: ALTER DBSPACE IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN ALTER FILE mainfile READONLY Run the sp_iqemptyfile procedure against mainfile. PhysicalNBlocks Found: %3 PhysicalNBlocks Expected: 1. File: %2 %1 File does not exist.

The path of all dbfiles in IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN must be visible to the secondary nodes. Input record %3 was rejected Inserting into table '%1', Column '%2'. The file name has zero length. %1 An invalid filler option (e.g., filler()) was specified in the load statement. %1 An invalid multi-byte input character was encountered when converting from %1 Disclaimer: This website is not affiliated with Wikipedia and should not be confused with the website of Wikipedia, which can be found at Wikipedia.org.

Send feedback on this help topic to Technical Publications: [email protected] Sybase IQ 15.3 > Using Sybase IQ Multiplex > Multiplex Transactions > DDL Commands > Dbspace Updates in Multiplex Updates on Expected opcode is '%2', but '%3' was seen. %1 Bad seek in Allocate. This code is used by the vendor to identify the error caused. View this document as PDF   Sybase IQ 15.3 > System Administration Guide: Volume 1 > Troubleshooting Hints > Solutions for Specific Conditions > Database Connection Issues Cannot Connect to a Database

This segment cannot be used. %1 DBFILE '%2' is not valid. useful reference Contact SAP Sybase IQ support. %1 Internal error. Otherwise, the secondary node does not start, and reports Error opening DBFILE 'filepath'. After adding new files to IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN, synchronize and restart secondary nodes.

Check the dbmlsync log file for more details Failed to transform geometry (error %1) Failed to transform point %1 (error %2) Failover node cannot be Excluded. %1 Failover node catalog is File: %2 %1 File already exists. For example, if the server is started with a different port number, even if the client application specifies the new port number at connect time, the connection information is still taken my review here The index is in use. %1 Cannot DISABLE index '%2'.

Check the name of the server and try connecting again with the correct server name. Choose another name for logical server Cannot create multiplex server with role coordinator Cannot create or add file %2 for dbspace %3 until new readwrite space is added to dbspace %4 Replacing Dbfiles in IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP on a Multiplex Coordinator To replace a damaged dbfile, drop the file, restart the server, and add the dbfile in the coordinator.

Column %2 has NULL data. %1 Cannot enlist in a transaction while already enlisted in a transaction Cannot enlist in a transaction with uncommitted data pending Cannot execute '%2' yet since

You must supply the DBF parameter and the database file name to connect when you use Interactive SQL and you have restored the database from backup while connected to utility_db. when trying to start the client, the client cannot find the database server on the network. Type BTYPE_DBEXT was expected. For example: ALTER DBSPACE IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN DROP FILE mainfile Add the dbfile with the path visible to all secondary nodes.

FileID found: %3 FileID expected: %4. INSERT/DELETE on cursor can …… NT Server Start Up Error: Could not open/read database file … Error Opening Db File Sybase Iq. RAISERROR executed: %1. 102 –171. http://venamail.com/error-opening/error-opening-etc-crypttab-file.html All the above actives may result in the deletion or corruption of the entries in the windows system files.

Index '%1', in %2 seconds Insert into '%1', %2 Inners added, %3 Left Outers converted to Inners, %4 Right Outers added Insert into join virtual table '%1' completed in %2 seconds. Personal tools Namespaces Article Search Main Page Applications AOL Internet Explorer MS Outlook Outlook Express Windows Live DLL Errors Exe Errors Ocx Errors Operating Systems Windows 7 Windows Others Windows The corrupted system files entries can be a real threat to the well being of your computer. So ‘_SQLite_Open … Sybase Forums,Unix Forums-Sybase … – A mobile enterprise application platform that enables enterprise developers to simply and quickly build applications that connect business data to mobile …… Sybase

Sybase IQ 15.4 > Using Sybase IQ Multiplex > Multiplex Transactions > DDL Commands > Dbspace Updates in Multiplex > Updates on IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN Changing an IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN File Path The paths of The connection string may be incorrect or the server name cache may contain incorrect or old connection information. Synchronize secondary nodes. Command failed for %2.

This behavior applies only to the IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN dbspace. Parent topic: Updates on IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN Related concepts Multiplex Server Synchronization Created August 28, 2013. The dynamic type is %3 Cannot truncate partition '%2' of table '%3' - table partitioned incorrectly. %1 Cannot truncate table partition on a non-partitioned table %2. %1 Cannot uniquely identify rows This segment cannot be used. %1 Database segment '%2' is not valid.

This segment cannot be used. %1 Database segment '%2' is not valid. See Adding space to IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN on a coordinator. You have run out of disk space. An invalid table type was encountered. %1 An internal server component, a bitmap, was given invalid input. %1 An invalid attribute flag was passed to the cursor An invalid authorization key

After adding new files to IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN, synchronize and restart secondary nodes. Adding space to IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN on a multiplex coordinator If the coordinator runs out of space in IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN, including reserve space, it may abort to prevent database corruption and you may be For additional information, please check your IQ message file or run sp_iqcheckdb. %1 %2: Attempted to write a page that was not dirty; buffer={%3} page={%4}. %1 %2: Bio ptr must be This Segment can not be used. %1 Database Segment %2, createtime does not match catalog.

File: %2 %1 FILLER FILLER width must be greater than zero. %1 For an IQ PAGE SIZE of %2, the dbspace '%3' must have at least %4 MB. %1 for IQ_ROWID OS error: .db or .log file does not exist.