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Xmlhttprequest Onerror


Other documents may supersede this document. En versiones de Firefox anteriores a Firefox 3, (solicitudes) XMLHttpRequest síncronas bloqueaban la interfaz de usuario.  Con tal de permitirle al usuario terminar solicitudes congeladas, Firefox 3 ya no lo hace. Terminate the overall algorithm. It is likely that a future version of the XMLHttpRequest object will dispatch an error event here as well. Leach, A.

Other methods of identifying what to return may be appropriate depending on the type of data you send to the server, or you could simply use different urls for the form If no Content-Type header is in the list of request headers append it to the list of request headers with a value of application/xml. En la linea 3 se envía la solicitud.  El parametro null indica que la solicitud GET no necesita contenido en el cuerpo. Handling responses There are several types of response attributes defined by the W3C specification for XMLHttpRequest.  These tell the client making the XMLHttpRequest important information about the status of the response.

Xmlhttprequest Onerror

The term browsing context is defined by the Window Object 1.0 specification. [Window] If win is a Window object client will have a pointer to win in the following example: var User agents, Working Groups and other interested parties should discuss extensions on a relevant public forum, preferably [email protected] 2. Robie, M. If you use XMLHttpRequest to get the content of a remote HTML webpage, the responseText property is a string containing a "soup" of all the HTML tags.

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  2. I have done my research on this part, and I cannot seem to figure it out.